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Financial Advisors of America, Inc.


We are financial advisors with proven track records. Americans who used our strategies did not lose any money during the last  Financial and Housing crash of 2007, 08 & 09. Matter of fact those people who used these strategies are way ahead of others who might have recovered from those loses.

First Step To Financial Security

Welcome! To Financial Advisors of America Inc.

With the pundits predicting another Financial and Housing downturn. Time to protect yourselves is NOW!

YES, You can protect yourselves No Matter what happens to the Stock Market, Housing Prices, Taxes or even Your Health.

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Our Mission is to assist Individuals, families businesses in identifying their stewardship responsibility to True Wealth by creating Systems, Strategies, and Structure for Financial empowerment to enrich quality of life without giving up Choice and Control.

We advise individuals, families, businesses, and institutions in optimization, protection, and empowerment of their Financial Assets, thus providing greater Clarity, Balance, Focus, and Confidence for our clients.

Financial Advisors of America Inc. one of the fastest growing (licensed nationwide) Financial Services and Insurance benefits company in America.

We are licensed nationwide, and with our “Proven MONEY Formula” and “5 Simple Steps To Financial Security and Peace-of-Mind” courses and educational webinars, we can be with you Anywhere, Anytime exactly as if we were sitting next to you, explaining and answering your questions.

We are bringing our Knowledge, Expertise, Proven Strategies and proprietary products to you; No matter where you are across our great nation.


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First Step To Financial Security

Secure Your 'Money Generating' source with our Proprietary:, Use our knowledge, Strategies and Proprietary Products to your advantage You are our #1 Priority.

New, 1st of its kind Life Insurance that Pays while still Alive, at Diagnosis of health problems like Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer etc. or other Chronic, Critical, Terminal Illness and eventually at Death.

When Income Stops. Bills Don't Stop!

This New "Living Benefits Life Insurance" can help prevent Financial Disaster that follows:

AFFORDABLE: Costs the Same as regular 'Death Only' Life Ins. 'Living Benefits' are included at No extra charge:

These "Living Benefits" are being included at NO Extra Charge. - Available amounts (not just 5k or 10k) but $250k, $500k, $1 Million ++

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Join thousands of people who got life insurance with 'LIVING BENEFITS'

"Hi my name is Mike and my wife Julie. We had lost over half of our retirement money after 2008 financial meltdown. We were very nervous and felt helpless and did not know what to do? Then we met Bir Grewall, he has loss-proofed our money, put it on Auto-Pilot and we are still getting Stock-Market returns, without the downside risk, our statements prove that. Now, we are stress-free and have financial peace of mind, knowing the money will be there - No matter what happens to the economy, stock market, taxes or our health. With his unique

planning strategies and products we are able to

enjoy our life, enjoy our grand children and do

the things we always wanted to do, without the stress of our financial future."

client testimonial

Mike & Julie C.

New Berry Springs, California

Norm P.

Big Bear, California

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Bir Grewall, Founder of FAOAI

About Our Founder

CEO Bir Grewall, who is India born Sikh American. His Turban and unshorn hair represent his Sikh religion. You might have seen him quoted on all national media for his proven record as a Financial Strategist, Advisor and Author.


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Here is what you will get 

We show you HOW TO:

Loss-Proof Your Money, With-In the Same Funds 

HOW To: Lock-In Your Money in TAX-FREE Environment

HOW TO: GUARANTEE Never To OUT-LIVE your Retirement Money.

HOW To: Get Stock-Market Returns WITHOUT the Risk

HOW: Ordinary people can Become Millionaires & Millionaires = Billionaires.

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Yes, it is possible to have TOTAL Financial Security and Peace-of-Mind for You and Your family, even your Business. No Matter What Happens To The Economy, Stock-Market, Taxes or even Your Health.

"FEDERAL RESERVE BANK STUDY" Report - on - 'Home Equity Protection' - HOW?

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"Financial Clarity & Productivity" Form- A Humble Gift For You

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NEW kind of Life Insurance with - "LIVING BENEFITS" that Pays of at Diagnosis of Health Problems or eventually at Death - like regular Ins. Affordable & must have!

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Besides our Proven Financial Strategies - we incorporate LAWs governing Money and IRS Rules - to take your money to whole new levels in a LIQUID, SAFE and TAX-FREE environment. NO Matter What happens to the Economy, Stock-Market, Taxes or even your Health (NEW).

Financial Advisors of America, Inc.